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Launched in 2004, dmesgd aims to provide a user-submitted repository of searchable *BSD dmesgs. The dmesg(8) command displays the system message buffer's content, and during boot, a copy is saved to /var/run/dmesg.boot. This buffer contains the operating system release, name and version, a list of devices identified, plus a whole host of other useful information. We hope others find this resource useful and further contribute to its growth. Add your dmesg today.

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Date From (nickname) *BSD (derived) Description
2017-01-18 msaitoh NetBSD X10SDV-8C-TLN4F
2017-01-16 matorola OpenBSD openbsd 6.0 on sparc T5-2
2017-01-15 Paul G. NetBSD Intel Core-i7-6900k with 128GB DDR4 RAM
2017-01-15 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD ASUS X99-E motherboard, Core-i7-6900K Extreme Edition, 128GB RAM, AMD RV620 (Radeon HD 3450) graphics card
2017-01-14 jhuldtgren OpenBSD iMac7,1
2017-01-12 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD 7.1_RC1 on Google Compute Engine
2017-01-11 draringi FreeBSD Workstation running TrueOS on a Xeon E5-2620 v4
2017-01-09 Zylone OpenBSD OpenBSD 6.0-current on Supermicro X7SPA-HF
2017-01-09 sysop FreeBSD XEON E3 1240v2
2017-01-09 sysop FreeBSD XEON E3 1270v2
2017-01-09 sysop FreeBSD dual XEON E5
2017-01-08 Sevan/ Venture37 FreeBSD iMac G5 1.8Ghz, PowerMac8,1, no bluetooth controller installed
2017-01-05 Joel Knight OpenBSD OpenBSD 6.0 on Intel NUC NUC6i3SYH (NUC6i3SYK)
2016-12-30 ivan FreeBSD FreeBSD 12.0 HEAD r310187 on MT7628 (mips) built using freebsd-wifi-build (kernel conf based on MT7628_FDT)
2016-12-27 mfm OpenBSD Dell Precision 450 OpenBSD/i386 - Current
2016-12-23 tomten OpenBSD OpenBSD 6.0-stable on Dell PowerEdge R220
2016-12-21 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD-7 on GCE
2016-12-20 Me OpenBSD Bifrost
2016-12-14 tomten OpenBSD OpenBSD 6.0-Current on HP Compaq nx9420
2016-12-13 tomten OpenBSD HP Probook 6560b