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Date: 2017-09-13 22:24:32
From: scole
Description: Apple Powermac 7500 (PPC604 upgrade card)
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NetBSD 8.99.2 (GENERIC) #7: Wed Sep 13 14:42:29 PDT 2017
total memory = 160 MB
avail memory = 143 MB
found Grand Central PIC at f3000000
bootpath: enet/netbsd-GENERIC.gz
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: 604 (Revision 3.3), ID 0 (primary)
cpu0: HID0 0x8000c084<EMCP,ICE,DCE,SGE,BHT>, powersave: 1
cpu0: 133.33 MHz
memory0 at mainbus0
bandit0 at mainbus0
pci0 at bandit0 bus 0
pchb0 at pci0 dev 11 function 0
pchb0: Apple Computer Bandit Host-PCI Bridge (rev. 0x03)
obio0 at pci0 dev 16 function 0: addr 0xf3000000
esp0 at obio0 offset 0x10000 irq 12: NCR53C94, 25MHz, SCSI ID 7
scsibus0 at esp0: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
mc0 at obio0 offset 0x11000: irq 14,2,3: address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
zsc0 at obio0 irq 15,16
zstty0 at zsc0 channel 0 (console i/o)
zstty1 at zsc0 channel 1
awacs at obio0 offset 0x14000 not configured
swim3 at obio0 offset 0x15000 not configured
cuda0 at obio0 offset 0x16000 irq 18
nadb0 at cuda0: Apple Desktop Bus
iic0 at cuda0: I2C bus
cuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp0 at iic0 addr 0x18cuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp0: cannot get control register
admtemp1 at iic0 addr 0x19cuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp1: cannot get control register
admtemp2 at iic0 addr 0x1acuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp2: cannot get control register
admtemp3 at iic0 addr 0x29cuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp3: cannot get control register
admtemp4 at iic0 addr 0x2acuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp4: cannot get control register
admtemp5 at iic0 addr 0x2bcuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp5: cannot get control register
admtemp6 at iic0 addr 0x48cuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp6: cannot get control register
admtemp7 at iic0 addr 0x49cuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp7: cannot get control register
admtemp8 at iic0 addr 0x4acuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp8: cannot get control register
admtemp9 at iic0 addr 0x4bcuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp9: cannot get control register
admtemp10 at iic0 addr 0x4ccuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp10: cannot get control register
admtemp11 at iic0 addr 0x4dcuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp11: cannot get control register
admtemp12 at iic0 addr 0x4ecuda0: error doing I2C
admtemp12: cannot get control register
mesh0 at obio0 offset 0x18000 irq 13: 50MHz, SCSI ID 7
scsibus1 at mesh0: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
nvram0 at obio0 offset 0x1d000
bandit1 at mainbus0
pci1 at bandit1 bus 1
genfb0 at pci1 dev 11 function 0: Apple Computer Control (rev. 0x00)
Apple Computer PlanB (undefined, subclass 0x00, revision 0x01) at pci1 dev 13 function 0 not configured
vmmask 7f000000 schedmask 7f000000 highmask 7f000000
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
scsibus1: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
adbkbd0 at nadb0 addr 2: extended keyboard
wskbd0 at adbkbd0 mux 1
wsmouse0 at adbkbd0 mux 0
sd0 at scsibus1 target 0 lun 0: <QUANTUM, FIREBALL1280S, 630G> disk fixed
sd0: 1222 MB, 4135 cyl, 4 head, 151 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 2503872 sectors
cd0 at scsibus1 target 3 lun 0: <MATSHITA, CD-ROM CR-8005A, 4.0i> cdrom removable
swwdog0: software watchdog initialized
WARNING: 27 errors while detecting hardware; check system log.
boot device: mc0
root on mc0
nfs_boot: trying DHCP/BOOTP
nfs_boot: DHCP next-server:
nfs_boot: my_name=pm7500
root on
root file system type: nfs
init: copying out path `/sbin/init' 11