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Date: 2018-02-18 21:15:37
From: Sevan / Venture37
Description: G3 PowerBook (Lombard, PowerBook1,1) no airport installed
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NetBSD 8.99.12 (GENERIC) #0: Sat Feb 17 08:07:06 UTC 2018
total memory = 192 MB
avail memory = 173 MB
timecounter: Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
Kernelized RAIDframe activated
found heathrow PIC at 80800000
bootpath: /pci/mac-io/ata-3@20000/disk@0:0/netbsd
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: 750 (Revision 2.2), ID 0 (primary)
cpu0: HID0 0x8050c0a4<EMCP,NAP,DPM,ICE,DCE,SGE,BTIC,BHT>, powersave: 1
cpu0: 400.00 MHz, no-parity 1MB WB L2 cache (PB SRAM) at 2.5:1 ratio
memory0 at mainbus0
grackle0 at mainbus0
pci0 at grackle0 bus 0
pci0: i/o space, memory space enabled
pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0
pchb0: Motorola MPC106 "Grackle" Host Bridge (rev. 0x40)
pchb0: L2 cache: 256K, uniprocessor/none mode
ohci0 at pci0 dev 14 function 0: Lucent Technologies USB Host Controller (rev. 0x12)
ohci0: interrupting at irq 28
ohci0: OHCI version 1.0
usb0 at ohci0: USB revision 1.0
C-Cube Microsystems Cinemaster C 3.0 DVD Decoder (miscellaneous multimedia, revision 0x02) at pci0 dev 15 function 0 not configured
obio0 at pci0 dev 16 function 0: addr 0x80800000
zsc0 at obio0 irq 15,16
zstty0 at zsc0 channel 0
zstty1 at zsc0 channel 1
davbus at obio0 offset 0x14000 not configured
pmu0 at obio0 offset 0x16000 irq 18:  rev. 11
pmu0: initializing RTC
pmu0: initializing ADB
nadb0 at pmu0: Apple Desktop Bus
pmu0: nvram not configured
pmu0: backlight not configured
smartbat0 at pmu0 addr 0: smart battery
 flags: 1 AC
smartbat1 at pmu0 addr 1: smart battery
 flags: 1 AC
wdc0 at obio0 offset 0x20000 irq 13, edge triggered: DMA transfer
atabus0 at wdc0 channel 0
mediabay0 at obio0 offset 0x34 irq 29 falling edge triggered
mediabay0: powering up...
wdc1 at mediabay0 offset 0x21000 irq 14, edge triggered
atabus1 at wdc1 channel 0
mesh0 at obio0 offset 0x10000 irq 12: 50MHz, SCSI ID 7
scsibus0 at mesh0: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
bm0 at obio0 offset 0x11000 irq 42,33: address 00:50:e4:
nsphyter0 at bm0 phy 0: DP83843 10/100 media interface, rev. 0
nsphyter0: 10baseT, 10baseT-FDX, 100baseTX, 100baseTX-FDX, auto
machfb0 at pci0 dev 17 function 0: ATI Technologies 3D Rage LT Pro (rev. 0xdc)
machfb0: using MMIO aperture
machfb0: 16 MB aperture at 0x81000000, 4 KB registers at 0x80881000
machfb0: 128 KB ROM at 0x00000000
machfb0: ref_freq=29.498MHz
ref_div: 60
mclk_fb_div: 200
minref: 450 m: 65
machfb0: 8192 KB SDRAM 98.326 MHz, maximum RAMDAC clock 230 MHz
post_div: 2 log2_post_div: 1 mclk_div: 200
target: 65000 output: 64895
machfb0: initializing the DSP
xclks_per_qw 193 193
machfb0: initial resolution 1024x768 at 8 bpp
wsdisplay0 at machfb0 kbdmux 1: console (default, vt100 emulation)
wsmux1: connecting to wsdisplay0
direct rendering for machfb0 unsupported
cbb0 at pci0 dev 19 function 0: Texas Instruments PCI1211 PCI-CardBus Bridge (rev. 0x00)
cbb0: cacheline 0x8 lattimer 0x20
cbb0: bhlc 0x22008
cbb0: interrupting at irq 22
cardslot0 at cbb0
cardbus0 at cardslot0: bus 1
pcmcia0 at cardslot0
vmmask 7ff00000 schedmask 7ff00000 highmask 7ff00000
timecounter: Timecounter "clockinterrupt" frequency 100 Hz quality 0
timecounter: Timecounter "mftb" frequency 16666666 Hz quality 100
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
uhub0 at usb0: Lucent Technologies (0x11c1) OHCI root hub (0000), class 9/0, rev 1.00/1.00, addr 1
uhub0: 2 ports with 2 removable, self powered
adbkbd0 at nadb0 addr 2: PowerBook G3 keyboard
wskbd0 at adbkbd0: console keyboard, using wsdisplay0
wsmouse0 at adbkbd0 mux 0
adbms0 at nadb0 addr 3: EMP trackpad <tpad> 2-button, 400 dpi
wsmouse1 at adbms0 mux 0
adbbt0 at nadb0 addr 7: button device
AC Power: AC adapter online.
wd0 at atabus0 drive 0
wd0: <TOSHIBA MK1017GAP>
wd0: drive supports 16-sector PIO transfers, LBA addressing
wd0: 9590 MB, 19485 cyl, 16 head, 63 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 19640880 sectors
wd0: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2, Ultra-DMA mode 4 (Ultra/66)
wd0(wdc0:0:0): using PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2 (using DMA)
atapibus0 at atabus1: 2 targets
cd0 at atapibus0 drive 0: <MATSHITADVD-ROM SR-8171, , 080E> cdrom removable
cd0: drive supports PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2cd0(wdc1:0:0): using PIO mode 4
swwdog0: software watchdog initialized
WARNING: 5 errors while detecting hardware; check system log.
boot device: wd0
root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
root file system type: ffs
post_div: 2 log2_post_div: 1 mclk_div: 200
target: 65000 output: 64895
machfb0: initializing the DSP
xclks_per_qw 193 193