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Date: 2020-08-16 07:49:49
From: lider99
Description: orange pi pc
Consoles: EFI console  
    Reading loader env vars from /efi/freebsd/loader.env
Setting currdev to disk0p1:
FreeBSD/arm EFI loader, Revision 1.1
(Thu Aug 13 x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x UTC 2020

   Command line arguments: l
   Image base: 0x78ea5000
   EFI version: 2.80
   EFI Firmware: Das U-Boot (rev 8224.1024)
   Console: comconsole (0)
   Load Path: /efi\boot\bootarm.efi
   Load Device: /VenHw(e61d73b9-a384-4acc-aeab-82e828f3628b)/SD(0)/SD(0)/HD(1,0x01,0,0x81f,0x18fa8)
Trying ESP: /VenHw(e61d73b9-a384-4acc-aeab-82e828f3628b)/SD(0)/SD(0)/HD(1,0x01,0,0x81f,0x18fa8)
Setting currdev to disk0p1:
Trying: /VenHw(e61d73b9-a384-4acc-aeab-82e828f3628b)/SD(0)/SD(0)/HD(2,0x01,0,0x197c7,0x1d92839)
Setting currdev to disk0p2:
Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf
Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf
Loading /boot/device.hints
Loading /boot/loader.conf
Loading /boot/loader.conf.local
Loading kernel...

/boot/kernel/kernel text=0x9cba5c data=0x1976d8 data=0x0+0x3a15de syms=[0x8+0x115350+0x8+0x13a73c]
Loading configured modules...
can't find /etc/hostid
/boot/kernel/umodem.ko text=0x1be0 text=0x1300 data=0x2b8+0x8 ...
loading required module 'ucom'
/boot/kernel/ucom.ko text=0x2100 text=0x1f48 ...
can't find /boot/entropy

Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt.
Booting [/boot/kernel/kernel]...               
Using DTB provided by EFI at 0x47ef5000
Kernel entry at 0x73000180
kernel args: null
EHCI failed to shut down host controller

I have copied the above by hand {let me know how to proceed for booting properly}