Launched in 2004, dmesgd aims to provide a user-submitted repository of searchable *BSD dmesgs. The dmesg(8) command displays the system message buffer's content, and during boot a copy is saved to /var/run/dmesg.boot. This buffer contains the operating system release, name and version, a list of devices identified, plus a whole host of other useful information. We hope others find this resource useful and further contribute to its growth. Contact us at [ admin at lists dot nycbug dot org ].

Available tokens: date, nickname, description, dmesg.

DragonFly: 28
FreeBSD: 1791
MidnightBSD: 6
NetBSD: 751
OpenBSD: 1276
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Date From (nickname) *BSD (derived) Description
2019-05-19 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/landisk 8.99.39 I-O DATA USL-5P
2019-05-18 Gerard FreeBSD Dell Inspiron 530
2019-05-18 mini OpenBSD Mac mini 2006 intel core duo A1176
2019-05-17 Greg Kennedy FreeBSD Compaq Presario 2200 Notebook
2019-05-16 yamori813 FreeBSD IOData_WN-G300R
2019-05-16 yamori813 FreeBSD Fon_FON2100
2019-05-16 Mischa OpenBSD OpenBSD 6.5 on Dell Inc. PowerEdge R610
2019-05-15 Mark Saad FreeBSD FreeBSD 12-STABLE on a Thinkpad x250
2019-05-15 yamori813 FreeBSD Nec_WR1200
2019-05-15 yamori813 FreeBSD Netgear_WGR614Cv7
2019-05-15 yamori813 FreeBSD Fon_FON2201 with 32M RAM
2019-05-14 yamori813 FreeBSD Fon_FON2100 with ksz8995ma
2019-05-14 yamori813 FreeBSD Fon_FON2100 with 32M RAM
2019-05-13 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/landisk 8.99.39 I-O DATA HDL-U (HDL-AV250)
2019-05-12 thorpej NetBSD Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite
2019-05-12 bj FreeBSD ASRock Q1900B-ITX
2019-05-12 zeurkous OpenBSD OpenBSD-6.5 i386 RAMDISK_CD on Thinkpad R40 (type 2722)
2019-05-12 zeurkous OpenBSD OpenBSD-6.5 i386 RAMDISK_CD on ASUS K52F
2019-05-12 Roy Edmund OpenBSD AMD X470 2700X
2019-05-12 yamori813 FreeBSD DB120 NG
2019-05-11 yamori813 FreeBSD AR9341 arge0 fix
2019-05-11 V6Shell_Jeff OpenBSD vmm/vmd VM
2019-05-11 V6Shell_Jeff OpenBSD ThinkPad X1C5 laptop
2019-05-11 FreeBSD FreeBSD/i386 on an ASUS Eee PC 900 (drm-fbsd12.0-kmod works, elantech_support does not)
2019-05-11 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 -current 20190511 on VirtualBox 5.2.28 with ICH AC97 audio
2019-05-11 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 -current 201905101150Z on VirtualBox 5.2.28 with Intel HD audio
2019-05-11 yamori813 FreeBSD AR9342
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) 25GB
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD pine64 Rock64 (Rockchip RK3328 aarch64)
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD Google Compute Engine (GCE) f1-micro
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD JW Technology JW-D2500-GT
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD DigitalOcean Droplet (1GB)
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD PcEngines apu3c2 (AMD GX-412TC)
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD SuperMicro X9SCA-F
2019-05-10 peterj FreeBSD FreeBSD-11/SPARC64 on SunBlade 1500
2019-05-10 kevinday FreeBSD Supermicro SYS-1018R-WC0R
2019-05-10 kevinday FreeBSD Supermicro SYS-5018A-TN4
2019-05-10 kevinday FreeBSD Supermicro AS-2023US-TR4
2019-05-10 kevinday FreeBSD Supermicro X10SLM(plus)-F
2019-05-10 kevinday FreeBSD Supermicro A1SAi
2019-05-10 nomadlogic FreeBSD AMD Ryzen 5 2600x/NVMe/Raden RX560 (amdgpu)/FreeBSD
2019-05-10 Joel Carnat OpenBSD OVH Kimsufi KS-10 running OpenBSD 6.5
2019-05-10 yamori813 FreeBSD IOData_WN-G300R arge0 is work
2019-05-09 irl OpenBSD DigitalOcean Droplet
2019-05-09 yamori813 FreeBSD Nec_WR8175N with u-boot_mod
2019-05-07 molli123 FreeBSD Supermicro X11SRM-F
2019-05-06 yamori813 FreeBSD Atheros GPIO MUX Support
2019-05-06 yamori813 FreeBSD IOData_WN-G300R add spi flash on cs1
2019-05-06 yamori813 FreeBSD Buffalo_WZR-HP-AG300H
2019-05-05 yamori813 FreeBSD IOData_WN-G300R