Launched in 2004, dmesgd aims to provide a user-submitted repository of searchable *BSD dmesgs. The dmesg(8) command displays the system message buffer's content, and during boot a copy is saved to /var/run/dmesg.boot. This buffer contains the operating system release, name and version, a list of devices identified, plus a whole host of other useful information. We hope others find this resource useful and further contribute to its growth. Contact us at [ admin at lists dot nycbug dot org ].

Available tokens: date, nickname, description, dmesg.

DragonFly: 29
FreeBSD: 2102
MidnightBSD: 6
NetBSD: 1026
OpenBSD: 1531
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Date From (nickname) *BSD (derived) Description
2019-12-14 YRabbit FreeBSD Custom I5 PC
2018-05-19 daftaupe FreeBSD DragonFlyBSD 5.2 on HP Elitebook 820 G3
2018-05-19 daftaupe FreeBSD DragonFlyBSD 5.2 on ASUS K52J
2018-02-07 newnix FreeBSD DragonFly BSD 5.1-DEVEL on Dell Optiplex 7040
2018-02-07 newnix FreeBSD DragonFly BSD 5.1-DEVEL on Dell Optiplex 7040
2018-01-19 dgrcsj FreeBSD DragonFly v5.1.0.649.g1bfb9-DEVELOPMENT on Dell XPS M1330 upgraded
2017-09-28 comb FreeBSD DragonFly 4.8.1 on Dell Latitude E6230
2017-09-08 Anon FreeBSD Via VE-900 DragonFly
2017-07-02 jcharbs FreeBSD Lenovo ThinkServer TS140
2017-04-26 jcharbs FreeBSD CompuLab Fitlet Mintbox Mini
2017-03-19 sin FreeBSD HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen8
2017-03-19 tuxillo FreeBSD DragonFly v4.9.0.22.g2fc297-DEVELOPMENT on a Lenovo x220
2017-01-27 tisihara FreeBSD DragonFly BSD 4.6.0 Acer Aspire easyStore H340
2016-10-29 Ypnose FreeBSD HP EliteBook 840 G3 with DragonFly BSD 4.6.1
2015-10-26 tisihara FreeBSD DragonFly BSD 4.2.4 Acer Aspire easyStore H340
2015-07-22 Mark Saad FreeBSD DragonFly 4.2.3 amd64 on a Scalable Informatics siRouter
2015-07-06 jmz FreeBSD Acer C720 on DragonflyBSD 4.2.1
2015-05-28 Sevan / Venture37 DragonFly A monster
2014-10-20 Sevan / Venture37 FreeBSD IBM ThinkPad X60s 1704-5LG flashed with coreboot SeaBIOS 1.7.5-0-ge51488c
2014-10-14 Sevan / Venture37 FreeBSD IBM ThinkPad X60s 1704-5LG
2010-08-27 vsrinivas FreeBSD Pentium 4 1.5GHz / Dell GX240
2010-02-10 vsrinivas FreeBSD Asus P5A 1.04, AMD K6-2/400MHz, 256MB RAM
2005-01-08 Pgrunwald FreeBSD Dragonfly BSD on IBM R32 Laptop
2005-01-08 eg FreeBSD DragonFly 1.1-Stable on Compaq Armada M700
2005-01-07 y0netan1 FreeBSD DragonFly-CURRENT on Toshiba DynaBook SS3500
2005-01-07 y0netan1 FreeBSD DragonFly 1.1-Stable on EPIA-ME6000, 600MHz, 512MB RAM, used as a mail server
2004-08-30 urr FreeBSD DragonFly/i386 1.1-current, 2x550MHz, 384MB RAM.
2004-07-28 [PT]Zool FreeBSD ECS L7VTA KT400 AMD 1200Mhz T.Bird Inno Gef4 Ti4200 64MB PCI 128 SB HDD: 80+40GB
2004-07-01 RaD|Tz FreeBSD Duron 1200+ 128Mb RAM, 30Mb HD OS: DragonFly BSD RC-1