Launched in 2004, dmesgd aims to provide a user-submitted repository of searchable *BSD dmesgs. The dmesg(8) command displays the system message buffer's content, and during boot a copy is saved to /var/run/dmesg.boot. This buffer contains the operating system release, name and version, a list of devices identified, plus a whole host of other useful information. We hope others find this resource useful and further contribute to its growth. Contact us at [ admin at lists dot nycbug dot org ].

Available tokens: date, nickname, description, dmesg.

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MidnightBSD: 6
NetBSD: 667
OpenBSD: 1206
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Date From (nickname) *BSD (derived) Description
2018-12-16 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 current (12/14 1400JST) on Microsoft Surface Book 2
2018-12-15 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 8.0 on Fujitsu S-4/20L Model 100 (a cute, Sun compatible WS)
2018-12-09 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD/vax 8.99.25 AUDIO2 on VAXstation 4000 Model 96
2018-12-07 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD/arm64 on Scaleway VPS
2018-12-06 ryoon NetBSD HP ProBook 450 G3
2018-12-05 herauthon NetBSD AMD K6/2-500 @ 5MVP3
2018-11-30 jmcneill NetBSD NetBSD on AWS EC2 a1.medium (ARM)
2018-11-30 jklos NetBSD API CS-20 (HP AlphaServer DS20L)
2018-11-27 Kapper1224 NetBSD NetBSD/i386 8.0 on CF-U1
2018-11-27 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/dreamcast 8.0 with G1ATA 32GB CF
2018-11-25 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/alpha 8.99.25 AUDIO2 on DEC3000/300
2018-11-21 610t NetBSD NetBSD NanoPi NEO2 with 8.99.26
2018-11-21 610t NetBSD NetBSD NanoPi NEO2 with 8.99.21
2018-11-21 610t NetBSD NanoPi NEO with NetBSD 8.99.19
2018-11-19 jmcneill NetBSD PINE64 ROCKPro64
2018-11-19 610t NetBSD Pinebook 11 with image
2018-11-18 jmcneill NetBSD Scaleway ARM64-2GB VPS
2018-11-08 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/amiga 8.0 on WINUAE (Amiga 3000 emulation)
2018-11-08 mrg NetBSD SoftIron OD1000
2018-11-07 mrg NetBSD Pinebook 1080p
2018-11-05 coypu NetBSD rpi3 with usb wifi, arm64.img
2018-10-28 he NetBSD Apple PowerMac Mirrored Drive Doors
2018-10-26 jmcneill NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 8.0 on Hardkernel ODROID-C1
2018-10-24 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hpcsh 8.0 on HP Jornada 690
2018-10-24 jmcneill NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm on SoftIron Overdrive 1000 (ACPI)
2018-10-20 yamori813 NetBSD NEC Aterm WR8500N
2018-10-19 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD 17inch 1.5GHz PowerBook G4 (PowerBook5,5 1.5GB RAM, Airport Extreme, BlueTooth)
2018-10-16 redbrick NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.0 on Dell Inspiron15 Gaming(5576) (AMD FX-9830P Processer)
2018-10-13 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/atari 8.0 on Milan (ATARI compatible)
2018-10-12 Tom Laus NetBSD NetBSD 8.0 on HP Pavilion Laptop
2018-10-12 Tom Laus NetBSD NetBSD 6.1.5 on HP Pavilion Laptop
2018-10-08 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/newsmips -current on NWS-4000 (to be committed soon)
2018-10-08 Thomas Mueller NetBSD NetBSD 8.99.1 /var/run/dmesg.boot
2018-10-07 eric NetBSD NetBSD/8.99.25/evbarm/earmv6hf on
2018-10-07 eric NetBSD NetBSD/8.0_STABLE/amd64/x86_64 on LENOVO ThinkCentre M82
2018-10-06 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD 12 inch iBook G3 600Mhz Late 2001 (PowerBook4,1 640MB RAM, AirPort)
2018-10-05 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.25 on HP Spectre x360 ae019TU (DRMKMS enabled)
2018-09-30 sin NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 Supermicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F
2018-09-26 redbrick NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.1 (GENERIC.201703111743Z) on Sharp PC-CW60X(AMD Mobile Sempron Processer)
2018-09-26 redbrick NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.1 (GENERIC.201703111743Z) on SONY VAIO VGN-NS51B(Intel Core2Duo P8600 2.4GHz Processer)
2018-09-26 redbrick NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.1 (FJ70U_GEN) on Sharp PC-FJ70U(Intel Pentium II 400MHz, esm driver deleted from Generic kernel)
2018-09-26 redbrick NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.1 (GENERIC.201703111743Z) on Sony PCG-U1(VAIO U1) (Transmeta Crusoe Processer)
2018-09-26 redbrick NetBSD NetBSD/i386 8.0(GENERIC) on Sharp PC-MP60GS(Transmeta Efficeon Processer)
2018-09-23 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD-current on Intel NUC
2018-09-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/newsmips 8.0 on NWS-5000X (boot fails)
2018-09-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/newsmips 5.0_RC4 on NWS-5000X
2018-09-16 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/pmax 8.0 on DECstation 5000/125 (hang during boot)
2018-09-16 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/pmax 5.99.48 on DECstation 5000/125 (3MIN)
2018-09-16 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/alpha 8.0 on DEC3000/300
2018-09-15 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp300 8.0 on HP 9000/425e
2018-09-15 alnsn NetBSD ThinkPad T470 - uefi boot, Xorg, no wifi, unusable touchpad
2018-09-14 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/newsmips 8.0 on NWS-3470D
2018-09-09 tisihara NetBSD NetBSD/sandpoint 7.2 Buffalo KuroBox HG
2018-09-09 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/macppc 8.0 on UMAX Apus2000/200
2018-09-04 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/sgimips 8.0 on O2 R5000
2018-09-03 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/atari 8.0 on ATARI TT030
2018-09-02 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/sgimips 8.0 on Indy R5000
2018-09-01 coypu NetBSD Dell XPS 9550 (builtin wifi and graphical acceleration work)
2018-09-01 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD/vax 8.0 on VAXstation 4000 Model 96
2018-08-31 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/news68k 8.0 on NWS-1750
2018-08-31 tisihara NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.2 Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 4230s
2018-08-31 tisihara NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.2 Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 4230s
2018-08-31 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.21 on VAIO S11 (vjs111d12n)
2018-08-31 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8 on Sakura VPS v4 (
2018-08-31 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.24 on HP Spectre x360 ae019TU
2018-08-29 alnsn NetBSD ThinkPad T470 - uefi booy, no wifi, no Xorg
2018-08-29 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/ews4800mips 8.0 on EWS4800/360SX
2018-08-26 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/luna68k 8.0 on LUNA-II
2018-08-26 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/x68k 8.0 on X68030
2018-08-24 ryo NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm aarch64 8.99.24 on RockPRO64
2018-08-15 Mark Saad NetBSD Cisco Tandberg Codian CTI-MCU-4510 running NetBSD 5.1 and cross compiled from Ubuntu
2018-08-15 Mark Saad NetBSD Cisco Tandberg Codian ISDN GW 3241 Running NetBSD 1.6
2018-08-13 naruaki NetBSD Indigo R3000 boot from HDD on NetBSD/sgimips
2018-08-03 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Indigo iBook G3 (PowerBook2,2, 366Mhz, 128MB RAM, no AirPort)
2018-07-29 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD/sgimips on Sgi Indigo R3000
2018-07-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/cobalt 8.0 on Qube2700 installed via RestoreUSB
2018-07-19 John Klos NetBSD VAXstation VLC
2018-07-19 ozaki-r NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.0 on Linux KVM (qemu 2.11.1) on Fedora 28
2018-07-18 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Jetway J7F2WE1G5D-OC-PB with AD3RTLAN-G module for 3x re(4) interfaces and PCI Ralink RT2560 wifi adapter
2018-07-16 ryo NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm aarch64 8.99.21 on Raspberry Pi 3 (MULTIPROCESSOR)
2018-07-16 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.0RC2 Thinkpad x220i
2018-07-12 Herauthon NetBSD Sony Vaio PCG-FX604 - nv7.1 boot opt3
2018-07-10 coypu NetBSD AMD Sempron 2800, VIA graphics
2018-07-09 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/dreamcast 8.0_RC2
2018-07-08 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/landisk 8.0_RC2 I-O DATA USL-5P
2018-07-06 mforde NetBSD NetBSD 7.1.2 intel i5-2400/DP67DE
2018-06-29 msaitoh NetBSD Dell Inspiron 1545
2018-06-24 tsutsui NetBSD SGI Indy R5000 150MHz NetBSD/sgimips 7.1.2
2018-06-22 vezhlys NetBSD eBox 3352DX3-AP boot -12 (w/o ACPI, SMP)
2018-06-21 nisimura NetBSD NetBSD sandpoint 8.0_RC1 (KUROBOX.201804191727Z)) on KUROBOX
2018-06-20 nonakap NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.19(201806191750Z) on LattePanda 4G/64G
2018-06-19 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Alix 2c3 with Atheros 5212 mini-pci a/b/g wireless card installed
2018-06-14 msaitoh NetBSD HP ProBook 4510s
2018-06-07 jmcneill NetBSD SoPine with baseboard
2018-06-04 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD 12inch iBook G4 1.33Ghz (PowerBook6,7 1GB RAM, Airport, BlueTooth)
2018-06-04 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/dreamcast 8.0_RC1
2018-05-29 zafer NetBSD NetBSD-8.99.17 with hyper-v patch
2018-05-26 youri NetBSD NetBSD 7.1.2 amd64 HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower
2018-05-25 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64-current on Microsoft Surface Pro 4
2018-05-25 uwe NetBSD A20-OLinuXino-MICRO-e4GB
2018-05-13 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.1.2 on bhyve
2018-05-12 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 8.0_RC1 Raspberry Pi Zero WH
2018-05-04 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD 7.1 with custom bootloder on Indigo R4000
2018-05-04 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD 7.1 with custom bootloder on Indigo R4000
2018-05-01 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 8.0_RC1 SPARCstation20
2018-05-01 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 8.0_RC1 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B V1.2 (earmv6hf)
2018-04-26 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.14 on HP Spectre x360 ae019TU
2018-04-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/luna68k 8.0_RC1 on LUNA-II
2018-04-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 8.0_RC1 on Lets Note CF-T2
2018-04-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 8.0_RC1 on DELL Optiplex 9010
2018-04-17 coypu NetBSD Dell XPS 15 9550
2018-04-16 Seven / Venture37 NetBSD 14inch iBook G4 1.42Ghz (PowerBook6,7 1.5GB RAM, Airport, BlueTooth)
2018-04-11 ryo NetBSD NetBSD/aarch64-current(8.99.14) on Raspberry Pi 3
2018-04-06 jdc NetBSD Naturetech Meso 999 NetBSD 7.1.1 branch
2018-03-30 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD 400Mhz PowerBook G4 Titanium (PowerBook3,2, Aiport installed)
2018-03-27 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Lenovo Yoga 3 14 80JH (touch screen works)
2018-03-26 tpaul NetBSD NetBSD/landisk 7.1.2 I-O DATA USL-5P
2018-03-25 coypu NetBSD raspberry pi 3
2018-03-24 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64-current on Panasonic CF-SX4 laptop
2018-03-22 utkarsh009 NetBSD NetBSD booting on [FX8350 GTX1070] custom PC.
2018-03-22 utkarsh009 NetBSD NetBSD successfully boots on MSI-GP62-6QE
2018-03-21 herbs NetBSD IBM Thinkpad T42
2018-03-21 bsiegert NetBSD OrangePi Plus 2E
2018-03-15 jdc NetBSD Sun JavaStation JK (Krups) NetBSD 7.1.1 branch
2018-03-15 jdc NetBSD Sun JavaStation JE (Espresso) NetBSD 7.1.1 branch
2018-03-15 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/atari 8.0_BETA on Milan (ATARI compatible)
2018-03-13 jdc NetBSD Sun JavaStation-1 (JJ / Mr Coffee) NetBSD 7.1.1 branch
2018-03-08 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD apu2c4 (3 i210AT LAN / AMD GX-412TC CPU / 4GB RAM)
2018-03-07 msaitoh NetBSD ASRock J4105-ITX (Gemini Lake)
2018-03-01 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD iMac G5 1.8Ghz, PowerMac8,1, no bluetooth controller installed
2018-03-01 jcoleman NetBSD QNAP TS-201 NetBSD 7.1.1 (sandpoint)
2018-02-28 jcoleman NetBSD Sun 3/80 NetBSD 7.1.1
2018-02-24 i3enedek NetBSD pcengines apu1d4
2018-02-24 tsutsui NetBSD HITACHI FLORA 220TX with Transmeta Crusoe TM5600
2018-02-19 sborrill NetBSD NetBSD on Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630
2018-02-18 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD G3 PowerBook (Lombard, PowerBook1,1) no airport installed
2018-02-18 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD G3 PowerBook (Pismo, PowerBook3,1) no airport install
2018-02-17 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/cobalt 7.1.1 on Qube2700 installed via RestoreUSB test version
2018-02-08 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD 13 inch Macbook (late 2009, MacBook6,1) - Booted with ACPI and SMP disabled
2018-01-30 diogene NetBSD NetBSD 7.1.1 Xen DOMu Intel Xeon X3330
2018-01-21 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD iMac G4 17-inch flat panel (PowerMac4,5), 320MB RAM, 80GB HDD, no wifi
2018-01-12 mlelstv NetBSD Ryzen 1950X on Asrock X399 Taichi
2018-01-01 flxd NetBSD NetBSD/pmax 8.0_BETA on DECstation 3100
2017-12-26 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Mac mini G4 (PowerMac10-1 A1044) 1.4Ghz / 1GB / 80GB HDD / SD / Bluetooth / Airport
2017-12-26 jakllsch NetBSD NetBSD/macppc 7.1.1 GENERIC_MD on qemu-system-ppc v2.8 w/ -M g3beige
2017-12-23 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Gigabyte 946GMX-S2 motherboard
2017-12-20 phx NetBSD NetBSD/ofppc 8.0beta Pegasos2, 512MB, Radeon9250
2017-12-20 phx NetBSD NetBSD/ofppc 8.0beta Pegasos2, 512MB, Radeon9250
2017-12-19 Chain-Q NetBSD bPlan Pegasos II/G4 rev 2B.1, NetBSD/ofppc 7.1
2017-12-10 oshimaya NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.0_BETA on ASUS T102HA (Intel Atom x5-Z8350)
2017-12-10 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.6 under VAIO S11
2017-12-10 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.6 under VAIO Pro 13 (VJP131)
2017-12-10 ryoon NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.99.5 on HP ProBook 450 G1
2017-12-08 mlelstv NetBSD Thinkpad T420, kernel with debug options
2017-11-29 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD 8/i386 on Google Compute Engine (no storage)
2017-11-19 coypu NetBSD LinkIt Smart 7688 MT7628
2017-11-11 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD iEi IMBA-9454G-R40 motherboard, Areca ARC-1882IX-24 controller with updated arcmsr(4)
2017-11-03 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Dell Optiplex 990
2017-11-02 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD PowerBook G4 1.25Ghz FW800 (PowerBook5,2), No HDD or Airport card installed
2017-10-31 herauthon NetBSD DELL 160L - kernelmod
2017-10-29 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD HP Z400 Workstation (VS933AV), nVidia Quadro FX3800
2017-10-28 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD SGI o2 R5K 1.8Ghz, 64MB RAM
2017-10-23 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD PocketBeagle Rev A2
2017-10-22 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD iEi IMBA-9454G-R40 motherboard, Areca ARC-1882IX-24 controller
2017-10-21 coypu NetBSD QEMU with OVMF
2017-10-18 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD ThinkPad X260 20F6006XUK booting uefi-install.img
2017-10-14 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Thinkpad X61s 7666-34G without ultrabay attached
2017-10-14 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Banana Pi with SUNXI kernel
2017-10-14 Jun Ebihara NetBSD COMPAQ CONTURA AERO 4/33C
2017-10-13 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD IBM ThinkPad X60s 1704-5LG flashed with coreboot SeaBIOS, SanDisk 6Gbps SSD
2017-10-10 flxd NetBSD NetBSD/mac68k 8.0_BETA on Apple Quadra 700
2017-10-08 herauthon NetBSD GA 586TX3 - legacy at/atx - susocket7 - edo/sdram
2017-10-08 herauthon NetBSD dell optiplex 160L
2017-10-05 spz NetBSD Fujitsu Primergy TX1320 M3 entry 8_BETA/GENERIC
2017-09-28 comb NetBSD NetBSD 7.1 on Dell Latitude E6230
2017-09-26 phx NetBSD NetBSD/sandpoint 8.0beta RAID-1 on Synology DS-209j
2017-09-20 herdware NetBSD Sun Ultra 60 (2x450MHz)
2017-09-18 i3enedek NetBSD AMD FX-8350 on a Gigabyte 970A-UD3P Motherboard
2017-09-18 i3enedek NetBSD NetBSD current (8.99.2) on Banana Pi Router/Lamobo R1 with sata disk
2017-09-18 i3enedek NetBSD NetBSD current (8.99.2) on Banana Pi with sata disk
2017-09-17 mfm NetBSD Dell Precision 450 NetBSD 7.1/i386
2017-09-13 scole NetBSD Apple Powermac 7500 (PPC604 upgrade card)
2017-09-13 scole NetBSD Apple Powermac 7500 (PPC601)
2017-09-09 mathew NetBSD DECstation 5000/240, NetBSD 8.0_BETA
2017-09-05 Hauke Fath NetBSD Gigabyte GA-N3150N-D3V
2017-09-05 mrrooster NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 8.0_BETA - AMD Ryzen R5 1600, MSI MS-7A34
2017-09-05 Hauke Fath NetBSD HP Elitebook 2170p
2017-09-04 schaafuit NetBSD NetBSD-7.1/i386 boot.iso on Thinkpad R40
2017-09-03 scole NetBSD Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
2017-09-03 scole NetBSD Apple Powermac 7200 (PPC601)
2017-09-03 ci4ic4 NetBSD Asus EEE on NetBSD 8.99.2
2017-09-03 ci4ic4 NetBSD Asus EEE on NetBSD 8.99.2
2017-09-03 ci4ic4 NetBSD Lenovo ThinkPad T61p on NetBSD 8.99.2
2017-09-02 Casey NetBSD Lenovo T400 NetBSD 7.1
2017-08-28 he NetBSD Apple PowerMac G4
2017-08-28 he NetBSD DEC AlphaPC 164LX
2017-08-26 Jun Ebihara NetBSD OrangePi 2
2017-08-26 Jun Ebihara NetBSD OrangePi One
2017-08-26 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Nano Pi NEO 512MB
2017-08-25 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Sharp Zaurus SL-C3100
2017-08-14 Jun Ebihara NetBSD ELECOM WRH-300
2017-08-12 herdware NetBSD Lenovo Thinkpad R400
2017-08-04 odc NetBSD NetBSD 7.1 on KVM on Ubuntu 16.04
2017-08-04 [tj] NetBSD GPD Pocket
2017-08-03 Kapper1224 NetBSD NetBSDi386 7.1 on CF-U1(ATOM Z530)
2017-08-03 msaitoh NetBSD UP board amd64-current
2017-07-26 crash NetBSD netbsd alpha
2017-07-22 herdware NetBSD DECstation 5000/240 with turbochannel USB controller
2017-07-22 T NetBSD IBM 43P/133 model 7248, NetBSD 7.1
2017-07-05 Chain-Q NetBSD Commodore Amiga 1200 w/ Blizzard 1260, NetBSD 7.1
2017-07-02 wiedi NetBSD PowerMac10,1 G4 MacMini
2017-06-17 alnsn NetBSD OneProvider Intel Atom C2750 2.40GHz IPMI
2017-06-09 ryo NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm on digi CC-WMX6UL-START
2017-06-03 Jun Ebihara NetBSD NetBSD/earmv7hf VEXPRESS_A15 on qemu
2017-05-20 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.72 on RaspberryPi Zero W (v1.1)
2017-05-20 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.72 on RaspberryPi Zero (v1.3)
2017-05-16 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.71 on BeagleBone Black
2017-05-14 Jun Ebihara NetBSD NEC MC-R700 (NEC VR4121 rev0.0 131.072MHz) NetBSD/hpcmips NetBSD 7.99.71
2017-05-02 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Miods Mono NeXTstation
2017-04-22 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Raspberry PI with HDMI WaveShare 7inch display withTouchscreen,
2017-04-22 kroni NetBSD getac E100 NetBSD 7.1
2017-04-20 jcharbs NetBSD ThinkServer TS140 NetBSD 7.1 amd64
2017-04-20 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Thinkpad X201
2017-04-09 mscdex NetBSD netbsd 7.1 on mobilepro 780
2017-04-08 kamil_at_NetBSD NetBSD Intel CPU 7 cores, 30G RAM, KVM
2017-04-06 Doug Barry/DarkHalfUK NetBSD NetBSD/hpcmips 7.1 (NEC MobilePro 790)
2017-04-05 Robert Menes NetBSD NetBSD/hpcmips 7.1 STABLE (IBM WorkPad Z50)
2017-04-05 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Dell Inspiron 3442
2017-04-02 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Sharp Zaurus SL-C3100 (running very old published build by tsutsui@)
2017-04-02 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp700 7.1 (patched) HP9000/712/60
2017-04-02 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp700 5.0 HP9000/712/60
2017-04-02 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/x68k 7.1 SHARP X68030
2017-03-30 Sevan/ Venture37 NetBSD HP Jornada 690
2017-03-29 tristelo NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.1 CubieBoard2
2017-03-27 leot NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.1 Asus Eee PC 900
2017-03-26 ax0n NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.1 on Raspberry Pi 2
2017-03-24 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp300 7.1 HP 9000/425t
2017-03-23 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp300 7.1 HP 9000/425e
2017-03-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp300 7.1 HP 9000/382
2017-03-21 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.1 MSI U135DX netbook
2017-03-21 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp300 7.1 HP 9000/362
2017-03-20 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.1 DELL OPTIPLEX 9010 SF
2017-03-20 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/luna68k 7.1 OMRON LUNA
2017-03-18 Jun Ebihara NetBSD NetBSD/hpcmips 7.1 NEC sigmarion
2017-03-16 ax0n NetBSD NetBSD 7.1 Raspberry Pi Zero W and Logitech Unifying rx
2017-03-13 tristelo NetBSD GPD Win
2017-03-12 mlelstv NetBSD Amiga A4000 emulation
2017-03-12 mlelstv NetBSD Asus N3150M-E / netbsd-7-nhusb
2017-03-10 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD FreeBSD 10.3 bhyve guest
2017-03-10 tsutsui NetBSD 7.1_RC2 IBM ThinkPad X21
2017-03-10 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD BeagleBone Black, Rev A5c
2017-03-09 ax0n NetBSD NetBSD 7.0.2 Raspberry Pi Zero W and Mororola LapDock 100
2017-03-04 kamil_netbsd_org NetBSD Raspberry Pi 1 (different one)
2017-03-04 kamil_netbsd_org NetBSD Raspberry Pi 1
2017-03-04 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD 7.1_RC2 on GCE, 64 vCPUs
2017-02-27 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Nicks EB110ATX StrongARM 110 Evaluation Board
2017-02-24 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Apple MacBook Air 5,1 (mid-2012, 2Ghz i7, 11 inch, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) (dmesg taken from shell env on install cd)
2017-02-22 msaitoh NetBSD Supermicro C7Z270-CG
2017-02-16 R0B_ROD NetBSD HP 15 A6-5200 amd64
2017-02-15 jaypatelani NetBSD NetBSD 7.0.2 AMD64 Lenovo G500
2017-02-13 i3enedek NetBSD Thinkpad T60
2017-02-12 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Psion 5 8MB R1, Rom version 1.01(145)
2017-02-10 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD HP T5325 thinkclient (kirkwood SoC) (mvpex, pci and pchb drivers disabled due to malloc size bug)
2017-02-02 jeezy NetBSD NetBSD 7.1_RC1
2017-01-26 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.59 on Raspberry Pi (512MB Model B)
2017-01-18 msaitoh NetBSD X10SDV-8C-TLN4F
2017-01-15 Paul G. NetBSD Intel Core-i7-6900k with 128GB DDR4 RAM
2017-01-15 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD ASUS X99-E motherboard, Core-i7-6900K Extreme Edition, 128GB RAM, AMD RV620 (Radeon HD 3450) graphics card
2017-01-12 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD 7.1_RC1 on Google Compute Engine
2016-12-21 bsiegert NetBSD NetBSD-7 on GCE
2016-12-12 coypu NetBSD netbsd 7.99.46, nvidia gtx 770 (nouveau) and USB3 working
2016-12-10 ClassicHasClass NetBSD NetBSD 7.0_STABLE (hpcsh) on HP Jornada 690
2016-11-16 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.42 on Raspberry Pi (256 MB model B)
2016-11-06 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.99.42 on SPARCstation IPX
2016-10-28 coypu NetBSD Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite 3 netbsd-7.99.41
2016-10-18 gson NetBSD NetBSD 7.0.1 on HP ProLiant DL369 G7
2016-10-17 coypu NetBSD Lemote Yeeloong netbsd-7.99.39
2016-09-17 nonakap NetBSD Shuttle XH110V
2016-09-03 cjb NetBSD Apple iBook G4 1.42Ghz
2016-09-03 gson NetBSD NetBSD 6.1.5 on Asus RS120-E4/PA4
2016-08-09 flxd NetBSD NetBSD/alpha 7.99.34 on DEC 3000/400 with TC-USB
2016-08-09 Jun Ebihara NetBSD SEGA Dreamcast
2016-07-29 Jun Ebihara NetBSD DoCoMo sigmarionII (NEC VR4131 rev0.2 180.633MHz)
2016-07-23 mattd NetBSD asus u35 jc
2016-07-17 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Nokia N900 (RX-51)
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD SHARP WS011SH
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD SHARP WS004SH
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Raspberry PI 3
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Raspberry PI 2
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Raspberry PI Zero
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Raspberry PI
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD NEC DoCoMo sigmarion (NEC VR4121 rev1.2 168.521MHz)
2016-07-12 Jun Ebihara NetBSD NEC MC-R700 (NEC VR4121 rev0.0 131.072MHz)
2016-07-07 ml NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0.1 - with Asus P8H61-M LE R2.0 - works perfectly
2016-07-07 ml NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0.1 - Laptop Toshiba Satellite L40-18L
2016-07-05 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD IBM WorkPad Z50 (2608-1AU) with 48MB RAM
2016-07-04 flxd NetBSD NetBSD/pmax 7.99.32 on Personal DECstation 5000/33
2016-06-28 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.31 on Raspberry Pi model B rev 1
2016-06-28 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.99.32 on ASUS EeePC 1005 PE
2016-06-28 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.99.29 on ASUS EeePC 1005 PE
2016-06-26 Kapper1224 NetBSD Panasonic Inc. CF-N8 NetBSD/i386
2016-06-22 Jun Ebihara NetBSD Dell Inc. Inspiron 11-3162 NetBSD/i386
2016-06-10 sborrill NetBSD Lenovo T500 integrated graphics (Intel) NetBSD-7
2016-06-10 sborrill NetBSD Lenovo T500 discrete graphics (ATI) NetBSD-7
2016-06-10 Martin Husemann NetBSD real i486 (DX) machine where I parked all fancy EISA and ISA cards
2016-06-06 nonakap NetBSD Intel NUC NUC5CPYH
2016-05-29 nbyouri NetBSD NetBSD 7.99.29 (current) amd64 Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC
2016-05-26 nonakap NetBSD PC Engines apu2b4
2016-05-15 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Lemote Fuloong 2F 2F6004
2016-05-09 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0 on Intel Core2 Duo T5550, with lots of COM-ports
2016-05-08 kamil NetBSD Dell Inc. Latitude 14 Rugged (5404)
2016-05-07 nonakap NetBSD Shuttle SH170R6
2016-05-02 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Mac mini G4 (PowerMac10,1 A1103) no wifi or Bluetooth installed
2016-05-01 coypu NetBSD Raspberry Pi 1 Model A, NetBSD 7.99.29
2016-04-30 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD PowerBook G4 1.33Ghz PowerBook6,4
2016-04-24 youri NetBSD NetBSD 7.99.26 amd64 Hewlett-Packard HP Compaq 6000 Pro MT PC (KMS G4X)
2016-04-22 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0 on Intel Core2 Duo T5550
2016-04-07 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.99.27 on SPARCstation 5 (70MHz microSPARC II)
2016-04-05 aliver NetBSD Lenovo M83 with NetBSD 7.0 AMD64
2016-04-04 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.0 on Coppermine P3, options for ACPI set to allow old BIOS
2016-04-03 gson NetBSD NetBSD 7.0 on HP Compaq DC7900SFF
2016-04-03 William A. Mahaffey III NetBSD NetBSD file/compute server
2016-04-03 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.0 on Coppermine P3 box
2016-04-02 coypu NetBSD AMD Sempron with VIA DRMUMS on NetBSD-current
2016-03-28 coypu NetBSD nVidia GTX 770 with nouveau on NetBSD-7.99.26
2016-03-06 kamil_at_NetBSD NetBSD NetBSD IRC server
2016-03-06 kamil_at_NetBSD NetBSD LLVM/NetBSD buildslave
2016-03-06 kamil_at_NetBSD NetBSD serveraptor
2016-03-06 kamil_at_NetBSD NetBSD Intel i7-3770
2016-03-06 kamil_at_NetBSD NetBSD HP Compaq 6501b
2016-03-04 tnn NetBSD NetBSD 7.99.26 on Raspberry Pi 3
2016-03-02 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/macppc 7.0 Apple Power Macintosh G4 400 (AGP)
2016-03-01 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD HP Jornada 720 with Unigen 4GB CF card
2016-02-17 sk NetBSD NetBSD 1.4.2_ALPHA i386
2016-02-17 sk NetBSD SPARCstation-LX NetBSD 1.5ZC
2016-02-12 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.0 on Thinkpad T43
2016-02-12 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0 on HP dc7800p SFF
2016-02-07 bsiegert NetBSD Google Compute Engine (GCE)
2016-02-04 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/alpha 7.0 on AlphaServer DS10L
2016-01-24 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sgimips 6.1.5 on Indy (IP24)
2016-01-22 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.0 on SPARCstation IPX
2016-01-22 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.99.25 on SPARCstation 5 (70MHz microSPARC II)
2016-01-22 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.99.25 on SPARCstation 5 (170MHz TurboSPARC)
2016-01-22 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.0 on SPARCstation 5 (70MHz microSPARC II)
2016-01-18 coypu NetBSD Dell Inspiron n4030 running NetBSD-7.99.25
2016-01-11 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Dell Mini 9 aka Inspiron 910 aka Vostro A90
2016-01-09 alnsn NetBSD Asus ZenBook UX303UA notebook
2016-01-02 me NetBSD netbsd 7 stable sparc64 ultra 10
2015-12-04 msaitoh NetBSD HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF (ENERGY STAR 6.0)
2015-11-22 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/dreamcast 7.0
2015-11-19 elge NetBSD HP Proliant DL120 G7
2015-11-16 ginger NetBSD NetBSD-current-amd64 WORKS Well
2015-11-15 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/sparc64 7.0 on Sun Ultra 5
2015-11-12 AaronB NetBSD NetBSD 7.0 Xen DOMu netboot
2015-11-12 AaronB NetBSD NetBSD 7.0 on Banana Pi with NFS root filesystem
2015-10-31 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/vax 7.0 on simh emulating VAX 11/780 (mountroot fails)
2015-10-31 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/vax 7.0 on simh emulating MicroVAX 3900
2015-10-31 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/vax 6.1.5 on simh emulating VAX 11/780
2015-10-27 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.21 on APC 8750 (initial support by adukot)
2015-10-26 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.99.5 on APC 8750 (initial support by adukot)
2015-10-25 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc64 7.0 on Ultra 60
2015-10-23 tisihara NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0 Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 4230s
2015-10-23 tisihara NetBSD NetBSD/sandpoint 7.0 Buffalo KuroBox HG
2015-10-23 tisihara NetBSD NetBSD/sandpoint 7.0 Buffalo LinkStation HD-HLAN (LS1) with usb 3g modem
2015-10-11 AaronB NetBSD NetBSD 7.0 on Xen DOMU no disks
2015-10-11 tnn NetBSD SGI O2 180MHz 256MB
2015-10-09 tnn NetBSD AlphaServer DS20
2015-10-08 tnn NetBSD my left screen (Sun Blade 1500)
2015-10-08 tnn NetBSD my right screen (Dell T3610)
2015-09-26 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc64 7.0 on Blade 100
2015-08-29 crash NetBSD alpha ds10 dmseg
2015-08-29 crash NetBSD alpha ds10 dmseg
2015-08-29 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc64 7.0_RC3 on Ultra 60
2015-08-20 nonakap NetBSD Shuttle DS47 (serial console)
2015-07-29 jeezy NetBSD HP Elitebook 8460p (SSD RAID)
2015-07-24 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/macppc 7.0_RC2 on eMac 1GHz ATi (radeonfb disabled)
2015-07-23 John Klos NetBSD Amiga 1200
2015-07-23 ax0n NetBSD NetBSD 7.0_RC1/hpcarm on HP Jornada 720
2015-07-21 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/macppc 6.1.5 on eMac 1GHz ATi
2015-07-20 abs NetBSD NetBSD 7.0_RC1 on HP MicroServer N36L new BIOS 18TB
2015-07-20 abs NetBSD NetBSD 7.0_RC1 on Lenovo Thinkpad T420s with SSD
2015-07-20 dross NetBSD NetBSD/atari 7.0_RC1 on Atari TT030
2015-07-19 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc 7.0_RC1 on SPARCstation IPX
2015-07-18 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/evbarm 7.0_RC1 on Raspberry Pi model B rev 1
2015-07-17 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.0_RC1 on Thinkpad T43
2015-07-05 jmz NetBSD Acer C720 on NetBSD 7 RC 1
2015-07-04 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.0_RC1 on VMware Player 6.0.7
2015-07-04 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.0_RC1 on VirtualBox 4.3.26
2015-07-04 ozaki-r NetBSD NetBSD/amd64 7.0_RC1 on VirtualBox 4.3.26
2015-07-04 tsutsui NetBSD DELL OptiPlex 760 with RADEON HD 5450 (Xserver not working)
2015-07-04 javan_z NetBSD laptop
2015-07-03 tsutsui NetBSD MSI U135DX (Atom N455 Netbook)
2015-07-01 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/macppc 7.0_RC1 on UMAX Apus2000/200
2015-06-30 cr1901 NetBSD NetBSD/i386 7.99.15 (PB_KERNEL) on Packard Bell Legend Supreme 34CD
2015-06-28 ajcc NetBSD NetBSD/sparc64 7.0_RC1 on Ultra1
2015-06-24 Beetle NetBSD NetBSD/luna68k 7.0_RC1 on Atari Falcon (060)
2015-06-22 nullnilaki NetBSD NetBSD/sgimips 7.0_RC1 on sgi O2
2015-06-21 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/hp300 7.0_RC1 on HP9000/425e
2015-06-21 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/news68k 7.0_RC1 on SONY NWS-1750D
2015-06-21 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/luna68k 7.0_RC1 on LUNA-II
2015-05-20 msaitoh NetBSD Shuttle DS57U
2015-05-20 msaitoh NetBSD X10SLX-F
2015-05-16 Ypnose NetBSD Lenovo ThinkPad 220 (NetBSD)
2015-04-20 balkenbrij NetBSD netbsd ultra-10 'creator 3d'
2015-04-20 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD IBM WorkPad Z50 (2608-1AU) with 48MB RAM
2015-03-28 Ypnose NetBSD Dell Latitude E6410 (NetBSD)
2015-03-25 AaronB NetBSD AMD APU, Netboot
2015-03-12 AaronB NetBSD Sun SparcStation 20, dual 150mhz Hypersparc, Netboot
2015-03-12 AaronB NetBSD Sun Netra AC-200 w/ Intel Gigabit NIC, Netboot
2015-03-06 nonakap NetBSD MikroTik RouterBOARD RB800
2015-01-25 nonakap NetBSD Giada I200-BG000 (NetBSD/amd64 7.99.4)
2015-01-15 darktrym NetBSD NetBSD 7.99.3 on a Thinkpad x220i
2014-12-31 gdt NetBSD MacBook4,1 (Core2Duo White Macbook)
2014-12-26 mathew NetBSD Vaxsvtation with NetBSD current
2014-12-23 herdware NetBSD IBM Thinkpad A31
2014-12-23 herdware NetBSD Lenovo Thinkpad T61
2014-12-23 herdware NetBSD VAXstation 400 VLC with new framebuffer and sound drivers
2014-11-22 Ypnose NetBSD Dell Studio 1537 (NetBSD)
2014-11-22 Ypnose NetBSD Original Apple MacBook (NetBSD)
2014-11-22 Ypnose NetBSD Dell OptiPlex 790 (NetBSD)
2014-11-06 nonakap NetBSD ASRock AM1B-ITX+Athlon 5350
2014-10-28 nonakap NetBSD Mouse Computer LB-J300X (Clevo W330SU2)
2014-10-26 Ypnose NetBSD Hewlett-Packard HP ProBook 430 G1 (NetBSD)
2014-10-20 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD IBM ThinkPad X60s 1704-5LG flashed with coreboot SeaBIOS 1.7.5-0-ge51488c
2014-10-19 Ypnose NetBSD IBM ThinkPad X40 (NetBSD)
2014-10-19 Ypnose NetBSD Shuttle XH61V (NetBSD)
2014-10-15 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD IBM ThinkPad X60s 1704-5LG
2014-09-25 phx NetBSD PC Engine ALIX 3d3 with Atheros AR5215 WLAN
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD BeBox 66MHz
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD Supermicro X7SLA
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD Supermicro PDSM4+ Xeon 3050 Adaptec RAID 3405
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD Sun Fire V240
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD Soekris Net4501
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD QNAP TS-101 V200 NAS
2014-09-23 phx NetBSD Synology DS-101g+ NAS
2014-09-11 Makoto Fujiwara NetBSD IBM,7046-B50 (NetBSD/7.99.1) netboot -> SATA
2014-08-15 tsutsui NetBSD Sun 3/80
2014-08-13 Makoto Fujiwara NetBSD IBM 43P/133 model 7248 (7.99.1)
2014-08-12 tsutsui NetBSD SONY NWS-1750
2014-08-12 tsutsui NetBSD HP 9000/425e
2014-08-12 tsutsui NetBSD SHARP X68030 with Neptune-X NE2000
2014-08-12 tsutsui NetBSD ATARI TT030 with EtherNEC and SMC_TT NICs
2014-08-12 tsutsui NetBSD OMRON LUNA-II demonstrated at Open Source Conference 2014 Kyoto
2014-08-12 tsutsui NetBSD NetBSD/sun2 7.0_BETA on TME emulating Sun2/120
2014-07-20 Makoto Fujiwara NetBSD Panasonic Let's Note R4 (i386, 6.99.47)
2014-07-07 Makoto Fujiwara NetBSD IBM 43P/133 model 7248
2014-06-25 msaitoh NetBSD SuperMicro X9SBAA-F
2014-06-23 msaitoh NetBSD HP MicroServer Gen8 + PR#48451 patch
2014-05-01 nonakap NetBSD ThinkPad X220
2014-05-01 nonakap NetBSD BIOSTAR Hi-Fi B85N 3D
2014-03-22 nonakap NetBSD ThinkPad Edge E430
2014-03-22 nonakap NetBSD NEC Express5800/S70 type hf
2014-02-23 nonakap NetBSD GIGABYTE J1800N-D2H (CSM Support: Enabled, Legacy first, EHCI Hand-off: Enabled)
2014-02-19 nonakap NetBSD Vortex86EX SoC (86Duino EduCake)
2013-12-29 msaitoh NetBSD SuperMicro A1SRi-2758F (C2758 (Rangeley))
2013-08-27 Matt D NetBSD Intel Core i7-4770s + ASRock 78z Pro 3
2013-06-05 msaitoh NetBSD Intel Core i5-4430S (Haswell) + Intel DQ87PG (Q87 Chipset)
2013-05-28 doug harry NetBSD NetBSD; lenovo ideapad z560
2013-05-28 doug harry NetBSD NetBSD; Acer AOD270-26Dkk; no WiFi, no SDcard
2013-04-24 herdware NetBSD HP 8300 Elite
2012-11-12 John Klos NetBSD Amiga 4000
2012-11-11 John Klos NetBSD VAXstation 4000/30 (VLC)
2012-03-20 Mark NetBSD Intel Dual Core Attom z510
2012-03-04 herauthon NetBSD Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 - AMD Phenom II 1055T
2012-01-29 NickBeee NetBSD Toshiba Portege 3110CT
2011-10-30 Rares Aioanei NetBSD HP Pavilion dv9750ed
2011-01-15 herdware NetBSD HP Jornada 720 palmtop
2010-11-30 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Cobalt Qube 2 with Acer Labs USB/Firewire PCI card installed (kernel not patched to add support yet)
2010-09-24 Sevan / Venture37 NetBSD Dell PowerEdge R210, iDrac Enterprise, 2x 1TB WD RE2 disks
2010-09-03 rmy NetBSD Compaq iPAQ Desktop (2.0 model)
2010-08-12 BSeklecki NetBSD ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom 330 1.6GHz Dual-Core 441 NVIDIA ION Mini ITX
2010-06-21 SPlissken NetBSD eeePC 701 4G
2010-06-09 Jasper NetBSD Compal HLB2 (sold as a pcspecialist enigma)
2010-04-06 Royce NetBSD Cobalt RaQ 2, model R28 CC0 EIU (single ethernet, no SCSI) with non-stock HD
2009-10-13 Brian A. Seklecki NetBSD Dell PowerEdge r710
2009-09-01 seklecki NetBSD Dell PowerEdge r710
2009-08-28 Brian Seklecki NetBSD RHEL 5.4/x86_64 beta KVM
2009-08-07 Sean McAfee NetBSD Dell Optiplex 960
2009-02-14 herdware NetBSD IBM Thinkpad 240X
2008-11-23 magnus NetBSD iBook G4
2008-11-16 Eric NetBSD Generic Beigebox
2008-11-14 abs NetBSD ASUS A8V Deluxe
2008-11-14 abs NetBSD Thinkpad T60p
2008-10-11 bseklecki NetBSD Soekris 5501-60
2008-07-30 DarkBSD NetBSD PC: AMD Athlon XP 2000+, Asus A7V8X-X
2008-06-06 Stefan Kaishakunin Schumacher NetBSD IBM Thinkpad X24
2008-04-09 bseklecki NetBSD PowerEdge 2950 r3
2007-12-28 matthew sporleder NetBSD soekris 4801
2007-08-06 herdware NetBSD Sega Dreamcast (PAL)
2007-02-05 herauthon NetBSD Compaq Proliant 1600 dual P-II/300
2007-01-29 herdware NetBSD Packard Bell P4
2007-01-05 herdware NetBSD IBM Thinkpad R31
2006-10-26 Mark Thomas NetBSD Intel Entry Server Board SE7221BK1-E
2006-10-23 Mark Thomas NetBSD Gateway Solo 5300
2006-10-07 complex NetBSD Sun SparcStation 20
2006-06-28 Rammy NetBSD Gulipin 486
2006-06-27 herauthon NetBSD P2-333 Fujitsu MSI 6117 - NetBSD 3.0 Gen
2006-05-05 herdware NetBSD Amiga 600
2006-05-03 jmcneill NetBSD Apple Macintosh Performa 6360
2006-03-26 Peter NetBSD HP Jornada 720
2006-03-18 al NetBSD Dell Dimension 4100 / 2*80Go RAID1 on Promise FastTrack IDE controller
2006-03-17 al NetBSD Asus A8V / AMD64 3800+
2006-03-17 al NetBSD NetBSD 3.0 / AMD64 3800+ / XenU
2006-03-16 herauthon NetBSD Asus P98AGP-X - AMD K6-2 (586-class), 374.89 MHz (2)
2006-03-09 hbent NetBSD Gateway M275 Tablet
2006-03-08 hbent NetBSD Dell Dimension 8100
2006-02-23 visha NetBSD DELL PowerEdge800
2006-02-22 hbent NetBSD Dell Dimension XPS Pro200n
2006-01-25 drl NetBSD NetBSD 3.0_STABLE on AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 256MB RAM
2005-12-04 Xavier NetBSD Dell Inspiron 3000 (floppy install over Linksys USB200M USB NIC)
2005-11-20 drl NetBSD NetBSD 2.1 on AMD Sempron 2500+ 64bit
2005-11-07 miny3945 NetBSD NetBSD/i386
2005-07-28 hbent NetBSD Dell Optiplex Gs+ 200M
2005-07-18 brodek NetBSD Abit AV8, amd64 3200+
2005-07-18 Mark Felskowski NetBSD Pentium 100MHz 486DX, 1.2GB HDD Seagate, D-Link NIC, Matrox MGA Impression
2005-06-17 hbent NetBSD Gateway E3600
2005-06-04 herdware NetBSD Amiga 600 (falsly probed as A1200) dmesg is trascribed
2005-05-10 Trud NetBSD noname i386, Pentium 233 MMX
2005-04-19 kefren NetBSD Dual Xeon HT enabled
2005-04-19 kefren NetBSD Dell Latitude D505
2005-04-13 nomadlogic NetBSD sun blade100/netbsd 2.0
2005-03-28 herauthon NetBSD NetBSD 2.0/i386 P2-Deschuttes/337Mhz - Asus P297-S AGP apache 2.0.53 / Pure-FTPd -
2005-03-21 hbent NetBSD Dell Dimension T600r
2005-03-20 Christian von Kleist (cvk@zybx. NetBSD Cobalt Qube 2, QED RM5200 CPU @ 250MHz, 64MB, original 12GB HD, PRISM2.5-based card from Netgear, used as wireless AP
2005-03-11 vbx NetBSD NetBSD 2.0(GENERIC) AMD Duron 1Ghz, mb ECS K7S6A/SiS745 256 RAM PC2100
2005-03-05 jfa NetBSD SPARCstation LX
2005-03-05 jfa NetBSD SPARCstation 4
2005-03-05 jfa NetBSD Ultra 1/170
2005-03-05 jfa NetBSD Dell Latitude CPi A400XT
2005-03-05 jfa NetBSD dual celeron
2005-03-05 jfa NetBSD SPARCengine Ultra AXe
2005-03-04 herdware NetBSD HP Jornada 690 running 2.99.16
2005-03-04 herdware NetBSD PIII-450 w/ 2 soundcards, videocards, 1 CDR, 1 DVD
2005-02-23 hbent NetBSD DEC VT1300 X-Terminal
2005-02-23 hbent NetBSD HP D320 Server with Fast/Wide SCSI and 100baseT GSC cards, no disks
2005-02-22 mj NetBSD NetBSD 2.0 on a SPARCstation 2 (Sun 4/75), 64M RAM with 2G and 500M SCSI drives and a Magma 4Sp 4 port serial card
2005-02-20 Gael Queri NetBSD NetBSD/i386 on a Dell Inspiron 2500 laptop
2005-02-18 herdware NetBSD Sparcstation 10MP w/ 2 Cypress 601 CPU`s
2005-02-18 herdware NetBSD Noname i386 w/o kbd/monitor. Still needs a videoadapter to boot.
2005-02-10 euro-au NetBSD VAX 4000-m300 (Pele). 128mb ram KA-670 cpu 8VUPs of T-T-T-T-throbbing poweh uNF!
2005-02-10 euro-au NetBSD NetBSD PMAX(MAXINE) DECStation 5000/20 with R4000 upgrade + max ram + PMAGB-B
2005-02-01 NickBeee NetBSD 386DX-40, 387, 16meg RAM. Enough to boot GENERIC :-)
2005-02-01 NickBeee NetBSD 386SX25, 8meg RAM. Just to satisfy my own curiosity.
2005-01-26 lorvax NetBSD Toshiba Satellite A10 laptop running NetBSD 2.0
2005-01-20 nickbeee NetBSD i386 MSI-6104 dual pentium pro - Adaptec 2940 - boot failure :(
2005-01-19 nickbeee NetBSD i386 - MSI-6103 dual pentium PRO - Adaptec 2940UW. This combo will not boot with SMP kernel, althogh SMP boots OK _without_ the SCSI :(
2005-01-11 obirt NetBSD i915, HT 3.6 GHz, Radeon X300, SATA, 2.99.11
2005-01-04 hbent NetBSD Dell Optiplex G1
2005-01-03 bsdguy NetBSD DELL Poweredge PII 333, Dual support, 128MB RAM ECC, 3x9.1GB SCSI disk, RAID, NEC 48X, SCSI CDROM, good cool !.
2004-12-27 ehanneken NetBSD AMD K6-2 400 MHz, FIC PA-2013 (VIA APOLLO MVP3), 128 MB Crucial PC100 SDRAM (CAS 3.0), Matrox Mystique 220, Creative Sound Blaster 16 PnP, Netgear FA312 (10/100 Mbps), Maxtor DiamondMax 4320 Ultra ATA (Model # 91080D5, EIDE, ATA33, 10 GB, 5400 RPM, 512 KB cache), Sony 50x CD-ROM, Lite-On 48x24x48 CD+/-RW
2004-12-16 obirt NetBSD Dell PowerEdge 4300 Dual P III PERC 2 ACPI kernel
2004-12-14 obirt NetBSD i915 PCI Express, 3 GHz. I`ll try out the MP and ACPI kernels later.
2004-12-10 Richard Bejtlich NetBSD Mighty morphin` Dell Dimenson XPS P200S 200 MHz Pentium with 32 MB RAM running NetBSD 2.0 RELEASE.
2004-12-10 dettus NetBSD its my sony vaio prg215h
2004-12-10 laclasse NetBSD Dual PIII IBM Intellistation MPro 500 Mhz intel server board, 256 ECC SDRAM adaptec scsi onboard NetBSD 2.0 SMP
2004-12-07 obirt NetBSD i810-DC100 NetBSD 2.0RC5
2004-12-07 obirt NetBSD i810-DC100 NetBSD 2.0RC5
2004-12-07 obirt NetBSD i810-DC100 NetBSD 2.0RC5
2004-12-07 obirt NetBSD i810-DC100 NetBSD 2.0RC5
2004-12-07 obirt NetBSD i810-DC100 NetBSD 2.0RC5
2004-12-01 obirt NetBSD i815 GX115 NetBSD 2.0
2004-11-29 mui NetBSD 386SX with no FPU! netbsd shows it incorrectly as 386DX. NetBSD-2.0RC4 kernel with RC5 userland. running httpd, mp3 streaming, ircd and soon quake server.
2004-11-27 herauthon NetBSD Compaq Proliant 1500 Pentium 1 - 100Mhz Socket 5 Onboard 80MB - addressed only 16Mb Bought for 3.5eu [bisbis]
2004-11-25 obirt NetBSD K6-2 SIS with 3dfx Voodoo 5
2004-11-16 Ackbar NetBSD Powerbook PDQ SAKA Wallstreet SAKA Mainstreet
2004-09-25 hbent NetBSD DECstation 5000/150 with PMAGB-B video card and no mouse
2004-09-24 miny3945 NetBSD Workstation running NetBSD 2.0G/i386. It`s Athlon based with scsi, dvd-rw etc. Note that the machine`s using a scsi-3 cable, and therefore sd0 works at 40.000MB/s. New cable is on the way...
2004-09-20 obirt NetBSD Dell PowerEdge 4300 dual PIII/500 443GX board. Note how the pre 1.0 spec usb controller can`t map it`s iospace. Pretty crude bios hack to disable it.
2004-09-20 hbent NetBSD SparcStation 5 with 10baseT+SCSI combo SBUS card
2004-08-24 holger NetBSD NetBSD/i386 2.0_BETA on a Pentium I/200 with SCSI and IDE HDDs
2004-08-20 vagina NetBSD Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V 2000
2004-08-20 vagina NetBSD Toshiba Satellite P10-874 P4 3.0GHz & 15,4TWide
2004-08-11 obirt NetBSD Dell OptiPlex GX240
2004-08-10 vagina NetBSD 2xPentiumII with 400 MHz :) and Raid
2004-08-09 obirt NetBSD Dual Pentium Pro 200 MHz doing some problem solving for the MP kernel. Kicking it old school, no ACPI here. Yes it has 3 video cards, no I haven`t been able to make X work yet with more than one.
2004-08-09 obirt NetBSD PowerBook G3 Mainstreet aka Wallstreet 233 MHz 0k l2 cache before it was upgraded to a 300 MHz 1MB backside cache cpu card
2004-08-09 obirt NetBSD DEC Alpha AXPpci33 21066 166MHz before sending it off to a new owner.
2004-08-09 obirt NetBSD DEC VAXstation 3100 m30 before sending it off to a new owner. Built like a tank.
2004-08-02 dilmah NetBSD Dual board ASUS P2B-DS; 2 Pentium-III 550MHz processors; 896Mb RAM
2004-07-30 beoneel NetBSD Apple Macintosh Powerbook 540c, 33mhz 68LC040, 36 Meg memory.
2004-07-30 BSD TECH NetBSD i86 - P3 933mhz
2004-07-28 Bortzmeyer NetBSD NetBSD 1.6.2 on UltraSparc 10 headless Mostly used for development/experimentation
2004-07-26 hbent NetBSD Power Macintosh G4/733 (4X AGP)
2004-07-25 hbent NetBSD Dell PowerEdge 1400
2004-07-25 hbent NetBSD Power Macintosh 8600/300
2004-07-15 tm NetBSD Sun Ultra1E/170
2004-07-15 tm NetBSD SGI Indy, R4600@133MHz, Newport
2004-07-15 tm NetBSD Sony News NWS-3410
2004-07-08 tm NetBSD Acorn RiscPC 600 + StrongARM CPU card
2004-07-08 tm NetBSD Digital DEC3000 - M300X
2004-07-08 tm NetBSD IBM RS/6000 43P-100
2004-06-30 LapisLazuli NetBSD SGI O2 (R5000 MIPS CPU) with 312MiB of RAM (of which NetBSD can only see 256MiB, unfortunately). Integrated ultra-SCSI is used, but the on-board NIC isn`t fully supported (ARCS ("bios") can use it to netboot the kernel, but the OS can`t use it) so there`s a cheap PCI NIC installed in the single PCI slot. Laz is used as a shell (mail, mostly) and IRC server for a local users group.
2004-06-29 Beaker NetBSD The Machine: ------------ Sun Microsystems SPARCstation 1+ running the NetBSD-1.6.1/sparc NOS. The Specs: ---------- Sun 4/65 system board + 25 MHz Wietek CPU + 64MB ECC RAM Seagate ST1480 424MB SCSI-2 Hard Drive Milan AUI-to-Ethernet transceiver (10Mbps) The Purpose: ------------ Simple Machines is a University of MN Gopher server owned and operated by Beaker and located in Eugene, OR. Though it exists solely for its owner`s amusement, some attempt is made to provide useful information, primarily of interest to those living in the greater Eugene-Springfield area, local canoeists and kayakers in particular.
2004-06-29 TGEN NetBSD Intel Celeron Tualatin 1.0A on a Apollo Pro 266 (non-T) board, with hardsoldered Tualatin hacks. 256MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM.
2004-06-29 Snark NetBSD One of the few remaining pc532`s in the world, complete with a SCSI-Ethernet adapter.
2004-06-28 elektro NetBSD Cobalt Qube (MIPS) running Server Monitoring System. Installed over network.
2004-06-27 basilisk NetBSD HP ProLiant ML110 2.8 GHz i386 256M RAM. Running NetBSD 2.0F
2004-06-27 ack NetBSD IBM Thinkpad T41p
2004-06-27 Sunny Dubey NetBSD This is NetBSD running on my toaster
2004-06-27 NAron NetBSD Pentium 100 Mhz - x86 machine. Home-gateway
2004-06-27 Nocker NetBSD NetBSD current on i386 (p3-500)
2004-06-27 ekarttun NetBSD NetBSD 2.0 Beta on i386 (P3@800)
2004-06-27 antioch NetBSD IBM z50
2004-06-27 destinqo NetBSD proxy, debugging linux application on BSD system (python)
2004-06-27 elektro-schuepp NetBSD Sun Ultra-5.
2004-06-26 ball NetBSD A Sun SPARCstation 5 running NetBSD-1.6.2/sparc.
2004-06-26 Kirtai NetBSD Dual head Athlon running NetBSD-1.6ZH with PCI IDE and SCSI controllers on ABit KV7
2004-06-26 anthrax NetBSD IBM ThinkPad 750CE (486 100MHz/24MB RAM)
2004-06-26 Kefren NetBSD Dual Pentium Pro - Compaq Proliant 2500
2004-06-26 Kefren NetBSD Dual Xeon machine (HTT enabled) - Compaq/HP Proliant ML350
2004-06-26 ookami NetBSD
2004-06-25 schnoebe NetBSD HP Pavilion ze4500 Laptop (with an Atheros WiFi mini-pci card instead of the HP provided Broadcom card.)
2004-06-25 jdwhite NetBSD Dell Inspiron 5000 Xircom CardBus Ethernet 10/100 + Modem 56
2004-06-25 dbolgheroni NetBSD A macppc machine (Power Macintosh 9500/120) serving as NAT server, firewall server and for burning CDs, with 604e 120MHz processor and 32MB RAM. There are "lost carrier" an "collision error" error, but these problems can be solved just connecting the network cables. ;-)
2004-06-25 dbolgheroni NetBSD My ECS A900 laptop, an i386 platform with Via C3 processor and 512MB RAM.
2004-06-25 rumble NetBSD IBM Thinkpad T23 running NetBSD 2.0-beta
2004-06-25 Ben Collver NetBSD PC, Intel P4
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Digital DECpc 466D2 MTE
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Digital DECstation 5000/125
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Sun 3/60 C/G
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Dell Optiplex GX1p
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Dell PowerEdge 400SC
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Apple Macintosh IIci
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD DEC VAXstation 4000/90
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD DEC VAX 4000/200
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Sun Ultra 60
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Apple Power Macintosh G3/300 (Beige) tower with "Wings" A/V card
2004-06-25 hbent NetBSD Compaq Proliant 1600
2004-06-25 maccult NetBSD Macintosh Quadra 700 running as firewall/router/DNS server(caching only)
2004-06-25 Poobah NetBSD NetBSD 2.0F on: AMD Athlon XP 1800 Asus VIA Apollo Pro 266 mb Onboard sound, video, and ethernet configured, plus second ethernet card.
2004-06-25 Bladerunner NetBSD Sun Microsystems Pci II PCI-card Pentium inside Sparc, SunBlade 100, f:dosboot netbsd, rarp, bootparam, nfs, root and swap Service ==> Solaris 10(Express), netbsd-kern: Devices not needed not configured, netbsd-kern: USB Flash driver patched (no fictious geometry)
2004-06-25 Peorth NetBSD Dell dimension T600. Used as test machine. Running NetBSD since v1.5.x Beeing reinstalled every 6 month (I test a lot). The USB and mpeg card are not configured.
2004-06-25 ball NetBSD PC with 450 MHz AMD K6-2+, FIC VA-503+ mainboard, DRI PCI modem (doesn`t work, despite not being an evil WinModem), 64 Mb of (FPM SIMM) RAM, ATI Xpert 98 (runs X beautifully). Also ran NetBSD well when it had a 225 MHz Cyrix MII microprocessor.
2004-06-25 ball NetBSD Lefty, one of a pair of Compaq ProLinea 4/xx that have found new leases in life as lightweight Web servers.
2004-06-25 ball NetBSD HP Pavillion 7420
2004-06-25 ball NetBSD This was originally a Team Internet firewall appliance that ran Linux. Being a geek I ripped the lid off and looked inside at what seemed like a pretty standard ATX PC mainboard. I prepared a hard disk on another machine, configured to accept logins via the serial ports (although a keyboard connector is fitted, there`s no hole for it in the case). Oddly I had to fit a display adaptor for the box to boot (I`m guessing this might be fixable by editing the CMOS settings, awkward without a keyboard). The box has USB ports, but I never used or configured them. The machine serves as an email and SFTP server, as well as being a gateway for me to tunnel VNC connections in from the outside world through SSH.
2004-06-25 Q NetBSD Personal Playground :)
2004-06-25 Ian NetBSD DELL OPTIPLEX GX 270 Multiprocessor Kernel works good with HyperThreading Pentium. Needs BIOS setting for "Legacy" applications video ram changed from 1 to 8 to get X working right.
2004-06-25 jschauma NetBSD Sun Sparc Station
2004-06-25 Dave NetBSD Standard personal home server. Runs NAT and apache, etc. Only ever turns off when we lose power.
2004-06-25 jschauma NetBSD SGI O2 R5K, NetBSD/sgimips
2004-06-25 jschauma NetBSD 2 1.5 GHz AMD Athlon processors, 3 GB RAM, 1 XServe RAID, half populated with 1.2 TB, connected via 2GB FibreChannel, 1 1000Base-T GBIC Ethernet interface, 1 100Base-T Ethernet interface
2004-06-25 jschauma NetBSD 2 1 GHz Pentium III processors, 2 GB RAM, 1 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet, 1 100Base-T Ethernet interface
2004-06-25 jschauma NetBSD i386 workstation, single Athlon CPU, ASUS motherboard, serial ATA yadda yadda yadda
2004-06-25 chip NetBSD one home workstation
2004-06-25 gooff NetBSD internal testing server amd athlon
2004-06-25 Mishka NetBSD UMC 486SL/33, 2x8M(SIMM72)+4x1M(SIMM36). Problems: 1 NIC (EE PRO, ISAPNP) not configured (yet), BIOS doesn`t Y2K compliant. This is production CVS/SVN server.
2004-06-25 Platypus NetBSD Just my ordinary house box running netbsd-current-2.0 on amd athlon
2004-06-25 bosco NetBSD Sun Sparcstation 2+ running NetBSD 1.6.1 and servering as an internal DNS server.
2004-06-25 abs NetBSD Sun Sparc5 170Mhz, NetBSD 1.6ZC
2004-06-25 abs NetBSD NetBSD 2.0_BETA i386 with ACPI, Thinkpad T41
2004-06-25 ppostma NetBSD Sun Ultra 10
2004-06-25 basilisk NetBSD Netbsd-2.0F on my Celeron 1.7 512Meg and with a lot of USB ports
2004-06-25 ascent NetBSD AMD 700 server, connected on 100Mbit and 384MB mem, 400G disc.
2004-06-25 duck NetBSD An AlphaPC164, 21164A-2 at 500MHz and 1MB cache. This machine is located in Jakobstad, Finland.
2004-06-25 Dublet NetBSD Compaq Armada E500 running NetBSD-current (1.6ZL)
2004-06-25 hubertf NetBSD Sun SPARCstation 4
2004-06-25 hubertf NetBSD Sun SPARCstation 5 with second NIC (BigMac Ethernet, SBus)
2004-06-25 anthrax NetBSD Apple PowerBook 540c (CPU: 68LC040/ RAM: 28MB)
2004-06-25 anthrax NetBSD Apple PowerBook 540c (CPU: 68LC040/RAM: 20MB)
2004-06-25 benny NetBSD Fujitsu Siemens Primergy Server (i386/p4)
2004-06-25 benny NetBSD Ancient i386 based firewall/router.
2004-06-25 benny NetBSD Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E7xxx (i386/p4)
2004-06-25 benny NetBSD Fujitsu Siemens Celsius M (i386/p4)
2004-06-25 honta NetBSD NetBSD 2.0 Beta snapshot, generic kernel i386, athlon, basic pc setup
2004-06-21 anthony NetBSD NetBSD SS5