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Date: 2018-04-26 13:38:16
From: brynet
Description: OpenBSD/amd64 -current SVM guest
OpenBSD 6.3-current (GENERIC) #181: Tue Apr 17 21:50:50 MDT 2018
real mem = 2130698240 (2031MB)
avail mem = 2058321920 (1962MB)
mpath0 at root
scsibus0 at mpath0: 256 targets
mainbus0 at root
bios0 at mainbus0
acpi at bios0 not configured
cpu0 at mainbus0: (uniprocessor)
cpu0: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor, 3598.37 MHz
cpu0: 64KB 64b/line 2-way I-cache, 16KB 64b/line 4-way D-cache, 2MB 64b/line 16-way L2 cache, 8MB 64b/line 64-way L3 cache
cpu0: ITLB 48 4KB entries fully associative, 24 4MB entries fully associative
cpu0: DTLB 32 4KB entries fully associative, 32 4MB entries fully associative
pvbus0 at mainbus0: OpenBSD
pci0 at mainbus0 bus 0
pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0 "OpenBSD VMM Host" rev 0x00
virtio0 at pci0 dev 1 function 0 "Qumranet Virtio RNG" rev 0x00
viornd0 at virtio0
virtio0: irq 3
virtio1 at pci0 dev 2 function 0 "Qumranet Virtio Storage" rev 0x00
vioblk0 at virtio1
scsibus1 at vioblk0: 2 targets
sd0 at scsibus1 targ 0 lun 0: <VirtIO, Block Device, > SCSI3 0/direct fixed
sd0: 5120MB, 512 bytes/sector, 10485760 sectors
virtio1: irq 5
virtio2 at pci0 dev 3 function 0 "Qumranet Virtio Network" rev 0x00
vio0 at virtio2: address [_MAC_XXXXXXXXXX]
virtio2: irq 6
virtio3 at pci0 dev 4 function 0 "OpenBSD VMM Control" rev 0x00
vmmci0 at virtio3
virtio3: irq 7
isa0 at mainbus0
isadma0 at isa0
com0 at isa0 port 0x3f8/8 irq 4: ns16450, no fifo
com0: console
vmm0 at mainbus0: SVM
vscsi0 at root
scsibus2 at vscsi0: 256 targets
softraid0 at root
scsibus3 at softraid0: 256 targets
root on sd0a (5d4f604e05b66305.a) swap on sd0b dump on sd0b