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Date: 2021-09-21 02:41:21
From: afresh1
Description: OpenBSD 7.0 (GENERIC) armv7 on TI AM335x BeagleBone Black
OpenBSD 7.0 (GENERIC) #80403: Sun Sep 19 00:05:48 MDT 2021
real mem  = 484245504 (461MB)
avail mem = 463925248 (442MB)
random: good seed from bootblocks
mainbus0 at root: TI AM335x BeagleBone Black
cpu0 at mainbus0 mpidr 0: ARM Cortex-A8 r3p2
cpu0: 32KB 64b/line 4-way L1 VIPT I-cache, 32KB 64b/line 4-way L1 D-cache
cpu0: 256KB 64b/line 8-way L2 cache
omap0 at mainbus0
prcm0 at omap0 rev 0.2
dmtimer0 at omap0 rev 3.1
dmtimer1 at omap0 rev 3.1
omsysc0 at mainbus0: "target-module"
omsysc1 at omsysc0: "target-module"
"pmu" at omsysc1 not configured
simplebus0 at mainbus0: "ocp"
intc0 at simplebus0 rev 5.0
omsysc2 at simplebus0: "target-module"
simplebus1 at simplebus0: "interconnect"
simplebus2 at simplebus1: "segment"
simplebus3 at simplebus1: "segment"
omsysc3 at simplebus3: "target-module"
"cpu" at omsysc3 not configured
simplebus4 at simplebus1: "segment"
omsysc4 at simplebus4: "target-module"
simplebus5 at omsysc4: "prcm"
omcm0 at simplebus5: "per-cm"
omclock0 at omcm0: "l4ls-clkctrl"
omclock1 at omcm0: "l3s-clkctrl"
omclock2 at omcm0: "l3-clkctrl"
omclock3 at omcm0: "l4hs-clkctrl"
omclock4 at omcm0: "pruss-ocp-clkctrl"
omclock5 at omcm0: "cpsw-125mhz-clkctrl"
omclock6 at omcm0: "lcdc-clkctrl"
omclock7 at omcm0: "clk-24mhz-clkctrl"
omcm1 at simplebus5: "wkup-cm"
omclock8 at omcm1: "l4-wkup-clkctrl"
omclock9 at omcm1: "l3-aon-clkctrl"
omclock10 at omcm1: "l4-wkup-aon-clkctrl"
omcm2 at simplebus5: "mpu-cm"
omclock11 at omcm2: "mpu-clkctrl"
omcm3 at simplebus5: "l4-rtc-cm"
omclock12 at omcm3: "l4-rtc-clkctrl"
omcm4 at simplebus5: "gfx-l3-cm"
omclock13 at omcm4: "gfx-l3-clkctrl"
omcm5 at simplebus5: "l4-cefuse-cm"
omclock14 at omcm5: "l4-cefuse-clkctrl"
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
"prm" at simplebus5 not configured
omsysc5 at simplebus4: "target-module"
simplebus6 at omsysc5: "scm"
syscon0 at simplebus6: "scm_conf"
pinctrl0 at simplebus6
"control" at simplebus6 not configured
"wkup_m3_ipc" at simplebus6 not configured
"dma-router" at simplebus6 not configured
omsysc6 at simplebus4: "target-module"
omgpio0 at omsysc6: rev 0.1
gpio0 at omgpio0: 32 pins
omsysc7 at simplebus4: "target-module"
com0 at omsysc7: ti16750, 64 byte fifo
com0: console
omsysc8 at simplebus4: "target-module"
tiiic0 at omsysc8 rev 0.11
iic0 at tiiic0
"ti,tps65217" at iic0 addr 0x24 not configured
"atmel,24c256" at iic0 addr 0x50 not configured
nxphdmi0 at iic0 addr 0x70: rev 0x0301
nxphdmi0: no display detected
omsysc9 at simplebus4: "target-module"
omsysc10 at simplebus4: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc10 not configured
omsysc11 at simplebus4: "target-module"
omdog0 at omsysc11 rev 0.1
omsysc12 at simplebus4: "target-module"
"rtc" at omsysc12 not configured
simplebus7 at simplebus0: "interconnect"
simplebus8 at simplebus7: "segment"
omsysc13 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omsysc14 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omsysc15 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omsysc16 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omsysc17 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"mcasp" at omsysc17 not configured
omsysc18 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omsysc19 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc19 not configured
omsysc20 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc20 not configured
omsysc21 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc21 not configured
omsysc22 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc22 not configured
omsysc23 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc23 not configured
omsysc24 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"timer" at omsysc24 not configured
omsysc25 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omgpio1 at omsysc25: rev 0.1
gpio1 at omgpio1: 32 pins
omsysc26 at simplebus8: "target-module"
ommmc0 at omsysc26
sdmmc0 at ommmc0: 4-bit
omsysc27 at simplebus8: "target-module"
omsysc28 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"mailbox" at omsysc28 not configured
omsysc29 at simplebus8: "target-module"
"spinlock" at omsysc29 not configured
simplebus9 at simplebus7: "segment"
omsysc30 at simplebus9: "target-module"
tiiic1 at omsysc30 rev 0.11
iic1 at tiiic1
"atmel,24c256" at iic1 addr 0x54 not configured
"atmel,24c256" at iic1 addr 0x55 not configured
"atmel,24c256" at iic1 addr 0x56 not configured
"atmel,24c256" at iic1 addr 0x57 not configured
omsysc31 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omsysc32 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omsysc33 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omsysc34 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omsysc35 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omgpio2 at omsysc35: rev 0.1
gpio2 at omgpio2: 32 pins
omsysc36 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omgpio3 at omsysc36: rev 0.1
gpio3 at omgpio3: 32 pins
omsysc37 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omsysc38 at simplebus9: "target-module"
omsysc39 at simplebus9: "target-module"
ommmc1 at omsysc39
sdmmc1 at ommmc1: 8-bit
simplebus10 at simplebus7: "segment"
omsysc40 at simplebus10: "target-module"
"mpu" at omsysc40 not configured
simplebus11 at simplebus7: "segment"
omsysc41 at simplebus11: "target-module"
omsysc42 at simplebus11: "target-module"
omsysc43 at simplebus11: "target-module"
omsysc44 at simplebus11: "target-module"
amdisplay0 at omsysc44
amdisplay0: no display attached.
omsysc45 at simplebus11: "target-module"
omrng0 at omsysc45
simplebus12 at simplebus0: "interconnect"
simplebus13 at simplebus12: "segment"
simplebus14 at simplebus0: "interconnect"
simplebus15 at simplebus14: "segment"
omsysc46 at simplebus15: "target-module"
cpsw0 at omsysc46: version 1.12 (0), address [_MAC_XXXXXXXXXX]
ukphy0 at cpsw0 phy 0: Generic IEEE 802.3u media interface, rev. 1: OUI 0x0001f0, model 0x000f
simplebus16 at simplebus0: "interconnect"
simplebus17 at simplebus16: "segment"
omsysc47 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"dma" at omsysc47 not configured
omsysc48 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"dma" at omsysc48 not configured
omsysc49 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"dma" at omsysc49 not configured
omsysc50 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"dma" at omsysc50 not configured
omsysc51 at simplebus0: "target-module"
omsysc52 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"usb-phy" at omsysc52 not configured
"usb" at omsysc52 not configured
"usb-phy" at omsysc52 not configured
"usb" at omsysc52 not configured
"dma-controller" at omsysc52 not configured
omsysc53 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"sram" at omsysc53 not configured
omsysc54 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"emif" at omsysc54 not configured
omsysc55 at simplebus0: "target-module"
omsysc56 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"sham" at omsysc56 not configured
omsysc57 at simplebus0: "target-module"
"aes" at omsysc57 not configured
scsibus0 at sdmmc0: 2 targets, initiator 0
sd0 at scsibus0 targ 1 lun 0: <SD/MMC, SE16G, 0080> removable
sd0: 15193MB, 512 bytes/sector, 31116288 sectors
scsibus1 at sdmmc1: 2 targets, initiator 0
sd1 at scsibus1 targ 1 lun 0: <SD/MMC, MMC02G, 0000> removable
sd1: 1832MB, 512 bytes/sector, 3751936 sectors
vscsi0 at root
scsibus2 at vscsi0: 256 targets
softraid0 at root
scsibus3 at softraid0: 256 targets
bootfile: sd0a:/bsd
boot device: sd0
root on sd0a (9d18bc321571f64f.a) swap on sd0b dump on sd0b