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Date: 2021-12-23 13:50:17
From: aoyama
Description: OpenBSD/luna88k 7.0-current (GENERIC) on nono 0.2.4 w/serial console setting
[ using 495448 bytes of bsd ELF symbol table ]
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
	The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1995-2021 OpenBSD. All rights reserved.

OpenBSD 7.0-current (GENERIC) #0: Fri Dec 10 12:44:41 JST 2021
real mem = 67108864 (64MB)
avail mem = 61026304 (58MB)
random: boothowto does not indicate good seed
mainbus0 at root: OMRON LUNA-88K, 25MHz
cpu0: M88100 rev 0x0, 2 CMMU
cpu0: M88200 (16K) rev 0x0, full Icache
cpu0: M88200 (16K) rev 0x0, full Dcache
clock0 at mainbus0: MK48T02
lcd0 at mainbus0
le0 at mainbus0: address [_MAC_XXXXXXXXXX]
le0: 32 receive buffers, 8 transmit buffers
sio0 at mainbus0: 7201a
siotty0 at sio0 channel 0 (console)
ws0 at sio0 channel 1
wskbd0 at ws0 mux 1
wsmouse0 at ws0 mux 0
xp0 at mainbus0: HD647180X I/O processor
fb0 at mainbus0: 1280x1024, 1bpp
wsdisplay0 at fb0 mux 1
wskbd0: connecting to wsdisplay0
wsdisplay0: screen 0 added (std, vt100 emulation)
spc0 at mainbus0
scsibus0 at spc0: 8 targets, initiator 7
sd0 at scsibus0 targ 6 lun 0: <NONO, SCSIHD, 0>
sd0: 2063MB, 512 bytes/sector, 4226725 sectors
vscsi0 at root
scsibus1 at vscsi0: 256 targets
softraid0 at root
scsibus2 at softraid0: 256 targets
boot device: sd0
root on sd0a (69c826f1b90d2a2e.a) swap on sd0b dump on sd0b