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Date: 2024-04-12 22:32:33
From: tsutsui
Description: NetBSD/hp300 10.0 on HP 9000/425t
bootinfo found at 0xfd002000
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NetBSD 10.0 (GENERIC) #0: Thu Mar 28 08:33:33 UTC 2024
HP 9000/425t (25MHz MC68040 CPU+MMU+FPU, 4k on-chip physical I/D caches)
total memory = 49140 KB
avail memory = 43320 KB
timecounter: Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
Kernelized RAIDframe activated
mainbus0 (root)
intio0 at mainbus0
rtc0 at intio0 addr 0x420000
frodo0 at intio0 addr 0x41c000 ipl 5
dnkbd0 at frodo0 offset 0x0: no keyboard
com1 at frodo0 offset 0x40: ns8250 or ns16450, no fifo
com2 at frodo0 offset 0x60: ns8250 or ns16450, no fifo
hil0 at intio0 addr 0x428000 ipl 1
nhpib1 at intio0 addr 0x478000 ipl 3: internal HP-IB
hpibbus1 at nhpib1
dma0 at intio0 addr 0x500000 ipl 1: 98620C, 2 channels, 32-bit DMA
dio0 at mainbus0
com0 at dio0 scode 9 ipl 5: ns16550a, 16-byte FIFO
internal parallel at dio0 scode 12 ipl 3 not configured
spc0 at dio0 scode 14 ipl 4: 98265A SCSI, 32-bit DMA, SCSI ID 7
scsibus0 at spc0: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
le0 at dio0 scode 21 ipl 5: address [_MAC_XXXXXXXXXX]
le0: 8 receive buffers, 2 transmit buffers
sgc0 at mainbus0
sti0 at sgc0 slot 3: rev 8.02;10, ID 0x26D1482A40A00499
sti0: HPA1659A, 2048x1024 frame buffer, 1280x1024x8 display
sti0: 10x20 font type 1, 40 bpc, charset 0-255
sti0: Enable mmap support
wsdisplay0 at sti0 kbdmux 1: console (std, vt100 emulation)
wsmux1: connecting to wsdisplay0
timecounter: Timecounter "mc6840" frequency 250000 Hz quality 100
timecounter: Timecounter "clockinterrupt" frequency 100 Hz quality 0
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
hilkbd0 at hil0 code 1: 109-key keyboard, layout 2
wskbd0 at hilkbd0: console keyboard, using wsdisplay0
hilms0 at hil0 code 2: Mouse, 2 axes, 3 buttons
wsmouse0 at hilms0 mux 0
WARNING: system needs entropy for security; see entropy(7)
sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0: <SEAGATE, ST336754LC, 0005> disk fixed
sd0: 35003 MB, 50824 cyl, 2 head, 705 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 71687372 sectors
sd0: async, 8-bit transfers
swwdog0: software watchdog initialized
boot device: sd0
root on sd0a dumps on sd0b
root file system type: ffs
entropy: best effort
entropy: ready